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What the Fans said

Stays in here.

1/10/05 03:18 pm - xsaid_and_donex

hey yall i made an icon base!

1/9/05 06:03 pm - xsaid_and_donex

hey me and a few friends made a new avenged sevenfold community so if ya'll could check that out, it'd be awesome!



1/8/05 10:33 pm - xsaid_and_donex

hey ya'll i made some banners, icon bases, and a wallpaper (that i posted in another community awhile ago) so i hope you enjoy!



[and taste the blood that she cries]Collapse )

12/24/04 10:59 pm - darkxbutterfly - MERRY CHRISTMAS!

And have a good New Year!


12/23/04 03:43 am - leftcoastpunx

does anyone have any pix of mr.christ that they want to share?

12/11/04 10:09 pm - xlittlepadawan

Happy Birthday Zacky V!

11/28/04 03:50 pm - xlittlepadawan

I made a mini-banner. I made small banners for the communities because I know some people just really don't like big banners. Now you can choose between the big banners or little ones. Promote.

11/24/04 10:13 pm - xlittlepadawan

I thought it was funny, but, ya know, that's just me. I draw him all the time. He's fun as a cartoon, and Zack too, but I can never get  of the boys to look right. Comment on it if you wish.

11/24/04 02:21 pm - xlittlepadawan

I just updated the members list. If you requested membership then check to make sure you're on there. If you don't find your username on the list, be sure to get my e-mail or Ashley's e-mail out of the userinfo and e-mail us to let us know. Now that you are a member be sure to post pictures, news, icons, etc. Please promote whenever possible.

Half Of Your Loving Mods-

11/23/04 09:17 pm - xlittlepadawan

A layout is up. Promotional banners will be up soon. Get ready for the community to grow :D.

Your Awesome Mods,
Jessica and Ashley
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