Ms. Anthrax (probey) wrote in johnnycfans,
Ms. Anthrax

Hey everyone I got some stuff you might be interested in.
I made a community not too long ago (maybe a week or longer) & it's dedicated to M. Shadows. I made it because (for what I saw) there were no communities made for him. Now this may have changed recently but I didn't see any at the time... The community is not completely set up though. It has a background but the picture is small-ish. I am enlarging it & placing some things on it but I do not know how long that will take considering I just got through with exams & am working on A.M.I.'s... Please join it. You do not have to fill out an app or anything, just simply join. Thank you.
Join it now! All you do is click & vwahla. I am also looking for another mod(s) so let me know <3
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